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Food For Thought Book Aims to Energize Busy Lives

May 25, 2017 08:10AM

Dr. Stephanie Jack

Natural Health Consultant Stephanie Jack, Ph.D., has authored Food For Thought: Energizing the Busy Professional, a healthful guide to strategically eating high-quality foods in order to fuel the body for maximum energy and health. Her book combines research with personal and clinical experience, and aims to help busy professionals beat fatigue and increase energy through proper nutrition and exercise. 


Nutrition can be complicated. However, while many grab-and-go food choices may seem practical, they can have devastating consequences. “My book explores the implications of quick eating decisions, zeroing in on how white sugar contributes to almost every chronic disease condition. More importantly, I explain how to make better decisions regarding health and adopt a lifestyle that includes exercise,” explains Jack. “We become what we eat, and it’s time to make choices that lead to longer, healthier lives. It starts with Food For Thought,” she enthuses. 


Jack is a holistic health coach and natural health consultant. She brings non-biased health and nutrition information to clients and educates the public on the cost-benefit of eating unprocessed, local, fresh, plant-based foods. She also teaches nutrition classes to local retirement community residents. 


Cost: $10.95+. To purchase the book, visit or 

For more information, call 717-881-3962, email [email protected] or visit 

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