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Elloday Introduces Juice and Bread Bundles

May 25, 2017 08:10AM

Elloday has introduced bundles, which are curated collections of fresh-baked, made-from-scratch bread and fresh, cold-pressed juice delivered the very same morning they're made, fitting healthy lifestyles and contributing to wellness goals with an added discount. The Breakfast Bundle includes delicious bread, fresh-pressed juice and protein. The Body Bundle includes fresh juice, jam-packed with protein to fuel a daily workout and the rest of the day. Cleanses and smoothies are coming soon. 


Every ingredient Elloday uses is non-GMO. They make it a point to stick to what nature intended and bake 100 percent organic breads, and use as many organic ingredients as possible in all of theirecipes. 


Customers can have fresh bread and organic juice delivered to their doors for less and fresher than they would find at the store, and without any of the time or cleanup from baking and pressing. 


For more information, email [email protected] Place orders online at 

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