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Ashtanga and Bikram Style Yoga at The Restorative Center

May 25, 2017 08:10AM

The Restorative Center, located in Exeter, houses Tula Yoga Center, a yoga studio that offers many different types of yoga classes for varying levels of yoga practitioners. This summer, more Ashtanga style yoga classes––a series of postures designed to increase flexibility and strength––will be offered. Tula Yoga also offers Bikram-style, hot yoga classes, with 26 postures completed in one hour. The Hot 26 + classes add a Sun Salutation in between half of the 26 standing postures, leading to a more physically challenging class. 


Yoga can help to stretch out muscles used outside while gardening or partaking in fun, warm-weather activities, and is a great way to keep the mind and body focused and flexible. For those looking for something more therapeutic, restorative classes, as well as a free meditation class, can be found on the online calendar. 


Class cards and monthly memberships are available. Location: 6 Hearthstone Ct., Ste. 304, Exeter. For more information, call 610-781-1430 or visit 

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