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Karen Carnabucci Brings Healing that Transforms Through Experience

Mar 26, 2017 09:37AM ● By Gisele Rinaldi Siebold

Karen Carnabucci

Dedicated to looking at health in a way that encompasses all aspects of a persons life, and interested in healing alternatives ranging from traditional choices to other possibilities, Karen Carnabucci is a unique kind of psychotherapist. She is less interested in analyzing what are perceived as problems and more interested in creating experiences that shift brain, body, soul and spirit. 


Psychotherapy focuses on healing emotional pain and turmoil, past or present, that affects a persons quality of life. Common concerns may be difficulty with: relationships, work-related goals, road blocks to good ideas, sadness, grief and loss, abuse, trauma or physical illness. Reaching a point of understanding through experience and clearing blocks fosters learning and healing. 


Experience changes us and we learn best by experience,” notes Carnabucci, a licensed clinical social worker and a nationally board-certified master trainer, educator and practitioner in psychodrama, sociometry and group psychotherapy. Certified with Therapeutic Spiral International, an organization that trains professionals in safe experiential treatment for survivors of trauma, she is trained to fashion how to make experiences feel safe in order to nurture healing. In addition, she is certified as a systemic constellation work facilitator by Heinz Starks Stark Institut in Germany. Systemic or family constellation work looks at what happened with ancestors and how those events affect current-day life. 


Family Constellations is a very leading-edge change process that is a tool for investigating and healing inter-generational suffering by honoring ancestors with thoughts of gratitude,” relates Carnabucci. She is the only therapist and facilitator in the area to use this healing method. The energetic changes that result bring a sense of deep inner peace and positively affect individuals and families. 


When meeting with an individual, Carnabucci asks for a persons intention––essentially, she asks for their hearts desire. With anapproach that includes a fluid combination of constellation work, guided meditation and guided imagery, mindfulness, psychodrama, imagination activities, relaxation and meditation training, sand tray or bilateral stimulation––whatever is most helpful to each unique person––she assists the client in seeing another layer, or a fuller, bigger, wider understanding of something that wasnt seen before, allowing the person to see and feel the situation in a startling new way. All areprovenmethods that stimulate the brain and body to change, create innovative thought and integrate deep learning and healing. 


The healing process is helped when a person is open, relaxed and filled with clear intention. Working with the energies of people, healing happens during group gatherings of just a few people or a group as large as 30 people. 


Unfolding Love personal growth groups explore in a gentle yet powerful way the hiddenpatterns that influence relationships,health, work and attitudes. Experiences are created that bring deep change into existence. Members of the group may create connections for other participating individuals using a felt connection of love. Healing happens when we take it beyond talk,” shares Carnabucci. 


After a gentle, warm-up activity gets people acquainted, Carnabucci relays to group members that participation is a choice. A person may observe, participate, present an issue s/he would like to change or assist with someone elses issue by standing in for a family member during a healing moment.Group sessions use different methodologies, such as the introduction of music, the inclusion of movement, the use of healing sentences, the incorporation of sound and periods of silence aimed at learning and growing,” she explains. 


She points out that people do not have to be in deep crisis to attend a personal growth group. The desire to enhance ones life and create something different is reason enough to participate. The groups support a feeling of community and connection with kindred spirits or like-minded people,” offers Carnabucci. 


Professional training in mind-body therapies with CE credits, supervision and consultation by appointment and teleconference and business coaching round out the menu of services she offers. Presentations are available for organizations, group practices, boards, conferences, hospitals, seminaries, colleges, institutions, faith communities, continuing education centers, churches, synagogues, retreat programs and other sponsoring groups.  


Using creativity to invoke change, the intention of increasing personal awareness leads to deep inner peace, contentment and joy. Healing that transforms and changes for the good creates a soul-satisfying life,” enthuses CarnabucciAnd that is why I am honored to walk the path of personal growth and discovery with others. 


Location: Samaritan Counseling Center, 1803 Oregon Pk., Lancaster. For more information, call 717-466-0788 or visit 


Gisele Rinaldi Siebold is a contributing writer to Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks edition. Connect with her at [email protected] 

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