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Personalized Food Sensitivity Testing and Consultations at LCOIH

Feb 25, 2017 09:07PM

Rhonda Larson, a naturopath who specializes and counsels individuals in dietary nutritional management and detoxification, provides individualized consultations for food sensitivities testing at Lancaster County Osteopathic & Integrative Health (LCOIH), in Gap. In addition, further investigation can be obtained through the administration of the ALCAT food sensitivity blood test.  


Through muscle testing for 30 different foods, Larson assists clients in finding the root cause of underlying symptoms, such as gastrointestinal issues, bloating, indigestion, inflammation, fatigue and the inability to shed unwanted pounds. During each personalized consultation, she creates a dietary plan that eliminates trigger foods and suggests a nutritional food intent on increasing health and wellness. Larson then meets with clients in the office six weeks after their initial consultation to monitor symptoms, note changes and make further recommendations. 


Eliminating trigger foods decreases inflammation and toxicity in the body,” explains Larson. Clients report that they have more energy, less headaches, improved digestion, brain fog goes away and they just feel better. 


Location: 835 Houston Run Rd., Ste. 270, Gap. For more information, call 717-207-9133, email 


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