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Encounter Special Treatment at The Spa at Willow Pond

Jan 26, 2017 12:14AM ● By Nancy Somera

Situated on a five-acre estate with an expansive willow tree and gazebos overlooking a pond that is home to swans, The Spa at Willow Pond is an inviting space for men, women and children to come to “forget the realities of the real world,” says owner Gail Lentz. In operation since 2000, the spa relocated three years ago to its current location on Old Lancaster Pike, in Sinking Spring, where Lentz designed the premises to her precise specifications to accommodate the numerous treatment rooms and amenities offered to clients.

“We go out of our way to make everyone feel extra special from the moment they arrive,” says Lentz. Relaxation begins as a soon as individuals enter the reception area, which is designed with décor that contains all five elements, including a water fountain, and are greeted with a foot massage while they fill out paperwork. Afterwards they enter one of eight treatment rooms, some of which include fireplaces, dining areas and whirlpools that are a perfect setting for individuals and couples to unwind and heal.

Offering massage, facials and laser acupuncture, among other treatments, Lentz says the spa is best known for its alpha capsule detoxifying body wraps. The most popular is the Swedish Detox Wrap which uses nutrient-infused clay from the Dead Sea to pull toxins out of the body’s fat cells. “Individuals can lose up to six to 20 inches in a single treatment,” Lentz maintains. Once the clay is applied to the skin and an amino mist is sprayed to open the pores, clients are placed in an alpha spa capsule for 30 minutes, while aromatherapy, infrared heat, vibration and ionized air support relaxation and rejuvenation. Not only good for weight loss, the Swedish Detox Wrap also promotes lymphatic drainage, and is good for reducing cellulite and cleansing the entire body.

“Body wraps have gotten a bad rap in the past because some techniques used could cause severe dehydration,” explains Lentz. But she advises her clients to follow Sybaritic’s recommendations (the maker of the alpha capsule), to receive two body wrap treatments per year if under 40 years old and three per year if over 40. Besides the detoxification benefits, Lentz attests that body wraps, when done properly, are excellent in the treatment of respiratory issues and for pain management.

One of the best for this is the Parfango Wrap, where clients are painted with five layers of a blend of mud from the ancient sea beds of Southern Europe mixed with pure paraffin wax, and then wrapped in a plastic sheet before entering the capsule. The infrared heat penetrates deep into the cells, relaxing muscles, improving circulation and taming arthritis and inflammation. According to Lentz, skin is unbelievably smooth and glowing afterwards.

A second choice for pain management is the Herbal Wrap. For this treatment, large cotton muslin blankets are soaked for 24 hours in therapeutic herbs, then warmed and wrapped around the client cocoon-like prior to being placed in the capsule. The herbs aid in detoxification and assist in soothing aching muscles.

The fourth wrap available is the Seaweed Body Wrap which uses steam to create heat. Individuals are painted with Seaweed and then wrapped in cellophane before being placed in a moist heat capsule. Again vibration and aromatherapy is included, and afterwards clients are left with re-nourished, hydrated and firmer skin.

Lentz is a registered nurse, massage therapist with 48 years experience, acupuncturist, and is currently taking chiropractic courses. She believes that preventative care is the best investment anyone can make in their health, which is why she extensively researched the best treatment options prior to opening The Spa at Willow Pond.

“Illness today is caused by stress, and massages and detoxification treatments keep the body working the way it is supposed to work, helping to manage the toll stress takes on the body,” says Lentz, who insists that men and children can benefit just as much from spa treatments as women. “Kids need it just as much as adults,” she claims. “Today’s youth have so many knotted muscles from being rushed around on adult schedules,” she adds. The spa offers mini packages for young individuals and also hosts parties for kids, with such popular treatments as mini massages and foot detox baths.

Parties, however, aren’t just for the young. Food can be brought in, and the staff will cater to clients’ every need to make each event one to remember. Additionally, one day per month, the spa gives back to the community with free stress treatments to a designated population. (See sidebar for more details). A day at The Spa at Willow Pond will leave individuals feeling calmer, healthier and happier, a worthwhile investment in one’s health.

The Spa at Willow Pond is located at 1487 Old Lancaster Pike, Sinking Spring. For more details on treatment options and to book an appointment, call 610-406-5733 or visit

Nancy Somera is a frequent contributor to Natural Awakenings.  

Free Community Stress Treatments

The Spa at Willow Pond, located at 1487 Old Lancaster Pike, in Sinking Spring, offers free, 30-minute stress treatments to specific groups within the community one day per month. By appointment only. Call 610-406-5733.

February 20 – Teachers, professors, teaching assistants

March 14 – Municipal employees

April 11 – Caretakers for the disabled

May 4 – The ministry in honor of national day of prayer

June 6 – Mothers

July 17 – Anyone in sales

Aug 8 – Anyone who feels they need a vacation

Sept 12 – Grandparents

Oct 10 – Fathers

Nov 13 – Veterans

Dec 9 – Health professionals

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