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Reading School District : Inspiring a Community of Change-Makers

Sep 30, 2016 10:43PM ● By Gisele Rinaldi Siebold

Bobby Weitzel

Vibrant, positive, inspirational sidewalk chalk drawings, completed on August 29, the eve of the first day of school in the Reading School District, welcomed students the next morning at all 19 schools. Kristin Boyd-Edwards, director of communications for Reading School District, shared the district’s story of commitment to positivity: “It was wonderful to see parents, students, faculty, staff, administration and community members come together to start the new school year by inspiring students to reach, persevere, dream and shine brightly.” 

 Embracing the district motto, “One vision. All students. One Reading.”, the Reading School District has become part of the DUDE. be nice project, which is a platform to inspire people to build a positive community, treat people better and create something that really lives and breathes this message. 

 DUDE. be nice is an apparel company, created by television producer Brent Camalich, striving to set a new standard––inspiring people’s fashion and lifestyle. “What you wear tells a story––we want to be a part of your story,” shares Camalich. At DUDE. be nice, fashion and building more positive communities go hand in hand. The DUDE team is committed to creating cool clothes and doing its part to show people, no matter who they are or where they come from, that they matter. Kindness, inclusiveness and gratitude will always be at the core of their culture. 

 Camalich worked directly with Reading High School students to share the company’s vision and launch Reading’s DUDE. be nice project. Being a part of the project has empowered the students to be change-makers; they are living and breathing the message of DUDE. be nice. People in the community, and beyond, are taking notice––The DUDE. be nice Project, which featured Reading High, has generated more than 3 million views nationwide. 

 What the students, faculty and staff have created are ripples of appreciation that extend outward, beyond school walls, to the heart and soul of what is the Reading community––its people. Optimistic gratitude has spread throughout the city’s neighborhoods. Small acts of niceness have created genuine understanding that fosters positive change. And, it’s a story worth telling. 

 For more information about Reading School District, contact Kristin Boyd-Edwards at [email protected] For more information about DUDE. be nice, visit 

 Gisele Rinaldi Siebold is a contributing writer to Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks edition. Connect with her at [email protected]. 

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