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Breast Health Fair in York

Sep 30, 2016 10:43PM

A Breast Health Fair will be held from 9 a.m. to noon, October 8, at St. Paul’s Wolf’s ECC, in York. Following the presentations and discussions, there will be door prizes, along with a light, breast-friendly lunch, which is included in the price. Registration is required. 

 An array of topics will be discussed throughout the morning, including: Whole Food Diet vs. SAD (Standard American Diet), How Caffeine May Sabotage Your Breast Health, The Importance of Knowing Your Vitamin D Level and Other Nutrients, Add Spice to Your Life and more. 

 Four presentations will be given: Breast Health and Your Back, by Gary Harcourt, doctor of chiropractic; Thermography and Breast Health, by Pamela Howard, doctor of chiropractic and clinical certified thermographer; Essential Oils for Breast Health, by Carey DuRand, doctor of audiology; and My Secrets for Breast Health, by Kim M. Jeter, nutritional therapy practitioner. 

 Harcourt, Howard, Durand and Jeter are colleagues who take breast health seriously and aspire to share beneficial ideas about health and wellness with the community. 

 Cost: $20/person. Location: 4501 Wolf’s Church Rd., York. A reservation can be made by mailing payment to Kim Jeter, 1630 W. Market St., York, PA 17404. For more information, call 717-495-5792 or email [email protected]. 

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