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Healing Spaces at Lancaster County Osteopathic & Integrative Health

Aug 01, 2016 11:12AM

Lancaster County Osteopathic & Integrative Health (LCOIH) is hosting Healing Spaces, a collaborative healing environment where natural practitioners from all backgrounds—such as counseling, massage therapy, acupuncture and nutrition—can rent space on an as-needed basis, with a commitment of as little as a half-day per week.

Candice Boyer, doctor of osteopathy, medical director and owner of LCOIH, explains that the goal is to have a healing environment where practitioners can see clients, and clients can be welcomed into a space where they can see multiple providers. LCOIH will provide the space and advertising for practitioners and their businesses. Practitioners will retain their independent businesses, but see clients in a shared space; and they will have the opportunity to upgrade their rental agreement with LCOIH to include phone service, scheduling and billing.

Now accepting natural practitioners for Healing Spaces, LCOIH plans to launch the collaboration to clients in the area as soon as September.  

“Patients tell us they want to know where they can go to find health and wellness practitioners in a convenient location, and have access to multiple specialties,” shares Boyer. “With Healing Spaces, multiple practitioners can work together with each other at one location for the benefit of their clients.”

Location: 835 Houston Run Dr., Ste. 270, Gap. For more information, contact Brad Boyer or Gina Turk by calling 717-207-9133, emailing [email protected] or [email protected] or visiting

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