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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

Letter From Publishers, February 2016

Feb 01, 2016 11:30AM

A unified wholeness is lit by the sparks of interconnectivity that zip through our days. Subtle or not, these passing sentiments reassure our place in the natural order of a universe driven by its own logic. The network of relationships that give this world its organic rhythm is shaped by synchronicities, personal choice and sometimes more than a hint of ironyall precious portals for learning more about why and how we come together. 


Familiar or not, the conscious gaze of another reflects back basic hopes, fears and dreams and the resonance of worlds shared, bridging the human experience between souls. Awake eyes recognize the paradoxes of intimacy; individuality builds unity and vulnerability strengthens bonds. 


Little leaps of faith help us navigate the dynamics of loss and love with each other and build irreplaceable and lasting memories, insight and gratitude. Walking through doors opened by the courage to share eventually transforms vulnerability into self-respect and empowers clarity on how and when to trust. At the generous end of the social spectrum, good friends hold a special place in the net of support—a true gift adding years and joy to our hearts. 


In celebrating this month of love, we honor the peace and joy that starts first within ourselves, because we cannot truly give away or see in another that which we do not embody. Taking full responsibility for befriending oneself is a beautiful and transformative gift to the world, and this magic unfolds from the seat of the soul, informing character, purpose and joy. 


The Zen of friendship carries its own rhythm, as we remind each other of who we really are, sharing vitality and caring and supporting truth, all in the name of devoted friendship/love, a timeless investment with endless returns and meaningful sacred bonds. 



Cherish every moment… keep showing up and reaching out. We are here to help each other along and enrich our days together, so join us in this special issue of heart-centered appreciation for fellow travelers old and new. 


                              ~Jacqueline & Kendra, Co-Publishers


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