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A Therapeutic Effect Offers Healing for All

Jan 02, 2016 08:17AM ● By Julianne Hale

Chiropractor Dr. Andrew Ashton and his wife Sue Ashton, a licensed massage therapist, envisioned a complete health and wellness center when they purchased and restructured A Therapeutic Effect, in Mountville, eight years ago. Their hard work and dedication paid off and that vision is coming together. “We’ve made a lot of progress with different components and are focused on achieving complete health for our clients,” explains Andrew.

The staff at A Therapeutic Effect (ATE) does not refer to patients in the traditional way. Visitors to the center are called practice members. “We use that name to describe our patients because we are more interested in getting them completely healthy, rather than focusing on treating one or two specific conditions,” says Andrew. Promoting total health for the body involves a variety of modalities and ATE offers several treatment options.

A colon hydrotherapist is on staff to help cleanse the body from the inside out and a licensed esthetician focuses on the surface of the body, offering facials, body scrubs and detoxifying body wraps. Massage therapists trained in a variety of techniques help clients with their specific needs, offering prenatal, sports, trigger-point release, deep-tissue massage and more.

Andrew specializes in the Torque Release Technique, a low-impact, targeted method that makes chiropractic care more accessible. “This technique breaks down a lot of barriers for people to try chiropractic who weren’t otherwise into it,” explains Andrew. “I joke around and tell my clients that their only job is to come into the room and relax. I’ll take it from there. I am able to tap into the autonomic nerve system and make sure that everything is where it needs to be, aligning the body to allow it to heal more effectively overall. I do the adjustments, and the healing naturally follows.”

Andrew notes that communication and symbiosis are a valuable part of working and healing at ATE. “There is a lot of information being exchanged back and forth in getting our practice members well. I have learned a great deal about bodywork from the massage therapists, and their work with me has given them an extensive knowledge base of the musculoskeletal system,” states Andrew. “I really don’t think there is another place that incorporates what we do, with the knowledge that we possess in both chiropractic care and bodywork.”

One of Sue and Andrew’s primary goals when they opened ATE was to create a sense of community. “We encourage families to come in. My kids are often in the office and we realize that there are nuances with children but we are very community-focused and want to make sure that our clients know that their entire families are welcome here,” Andrew explains. This invitation is even open to non-human family members. He offers canine and feline chiropractic adjustments to pets.

The family-friendly healing atmosphere at ATE begins as soon as clients enter the space. “The office seems to make people feel relaxed. There is something tranquil about walking through the door—it is instantly calming,” explains Andrew. “When you are relaxed, your body is able to heal better and that is our ultimate goal here.”

A Therapeutic Effect is located at 313D Primrose Ln., in Mountville. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 717-285-9955, email [email protected] or visit

Julianne Hale is a freelance writer and contributing editor for Natural Awakenings magazines throughout the country. Connect at [email protected]

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