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Robyn Atticks Opens Shear Miracle Organics Beauty and Wellness Center

Nov 02, 2015 12:43PM ● By Julianne Hale

From an early age, Robyn Atticks knew what she wanted to do with her life. “A hair stylist,” she would respond with confidence when someone asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up, never changing her answer or her mind. A second generation stylist, Atticks was raised around the salon and began pursuing her dream as soon as she graduated from high school. It was her experience as a mother, however, that led her career as a stylist in an unexpected direction.

“When my daughter was about six months old, she began to get chronic ear infections,” explains Atticks. “I would dutifully take her to the doctor, get the prescribed antibiotic and take her home.” The treatments turned out to be a temporary fix, and Atticks’ daughter continued to struggle with ear infections about every six weeks.

“Someone suggested that I take my daughter to a homeopathic doctor and it changed my life. The doctor spent about an hour-and-a-half with me, talking about massage, diet and other treatments. After that visit, my daughter never had another ear infection,” says Atticks.

The life-changing approach to health care that Atticks experienced at the homeopath’s office collided with her career as a hair stylist about 12 years ago. She explains, “I came across the knowledge that our skin is the largest organ of the body, absorbing 70 percent of the things we put on it. I realized that we used chemicals all day long on the skin and wondered how this must impact the health of my clients.”

Atticks decided to change the way she did things as a stylist. After searching tirelessly for products that would meet her strict criteria and coming up short, she opted to create her own line, and Shear Miracle Organics was born. Ten years later, her line of hair and skin care products enjoys impressive success as one of the few organic, vegan, non-GMO, gluten-free and cruelty-free product lines available. “We went beyond organic and decided that if an ingredient was not doing something beneficial for the hair or skin, we wouldn’t use it,” explains Atticks.

With her success as a hairstylist and innovative product creator in her back pocket, Atticks has decided to focus on bringing her passion for healthy, healing products to her community. This came to fruition with the opening of Shear Miracle Organics Beauty and Wellness Center, at 513 Leaman Avenue, in Millersville, on September 1. The center is loaded with essential oils available to try and to purchase, along with other specialty products offered by local proprietors. “We have a special vegan, coconut milk-based soap from Lancaster Soap Company at the store,” says Atticks. “We also promote green retailers in the area, such as green pest control, fashion designers and others.”

Atticks wants to focus on relationship building and education within the center. “There is no pressure to buy anything and we encourage people to come in and enjoy a free organic coffee, tea or infused water,” she says. “People should take a look at our calendar and enjoy time chatting with likeminded people in our comfortable space.”

“Anyone who walks in our door will be greeted with a smile and invited to breathe in the pure, essential oils. The first thing people say is how wonderful the place smells. We choose oils that help people feel happy and relaxed,” continues Atticks. “There is always a knowledgeable staff-member available to answer questions about the essential oils and even make a free, customized blend to try.”

One of the highlights of the Beauty and Wellness Center is the extensive calendar. With classes held every week, the center offers a wide variety of topics and many free educational opportunities for anyone within the community. Atticks says, “We offer organic hair demonstrations twice a month and an Essential Oils 101 class every Monday night.” Other topics include happy healthy pet seminars and do-it-yourself workshops that allow people to come in and create something of their own.

Atticks knows that her success has not been an individual journey. “I am thrilled with where I am today but must acknowledge that I could never have gotten to this place without my incredibly supportive parents and husband,” she says. It is her hope that she can pass her good fortune on to others through the Beauty and Wellness Center.

“We just want to build relationships with the community at the center,” says Atticks. “That is what this place is all about.”

For more information, call 717-419-5534, visit or visit

Julianne Hale is a freelance writer and editor. Connect with her at [email protected] or

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