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KUDOS: Sandra Seaman

Aug 31, 2015 04:44PM

Sandra Saylor Seaman, a homeopath with Zenergy Arts and Wellness, has become certified in The Emotion Code and is currently working toward certification in The Body Code, a system of energy healing created by Dr. Brad Nelson. She is using this system as her main approach and recommending homeopathy, herbs and nutritional supplements to support this energy healing.

“The Emotion Code and The Body Code allow us to identify and correct the different imbalances that cause all kinds of physical and emotional problems for people,” explains Nelson. “A lot of it deals with the health of the energy body where we release trapped emotional energy (emotional baggage) and correct blocked chakras, meridians and more. There is a physical side as well where we look for things like infections, toxins, nutritional deficiencies and structural imbalances, and address those according to whatever the client’s body needs. Basically, this work is all about removing imbalance in order to make conditions right for the body to heal itself.”

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