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Acupuncture at Pathways to Healing Wellness Center

Tracie Robbins-Beasley

Pathways to Healing, a center for holistic health and well-being that has been providing holistic health services for over 20 years in Reading, has added acupuncture for weight loss as the newest healing modality that empowers clients to revitalize mind, body and spirit. Acupuncture treatments support the body’s innate wisdom to return to balance.

Acupuncture can be a useful tool for clients interested in weight loss. Regularly scheduled treatments assist by reducing cravings and appetite, and increasing energy levels, willpower, metabolism, and by helping the body to release retained water. It can also regulate hormones and help those who have gained weight due to thyroid issues or those who are perimenopausal.

Tracie Robbins-Beasley, licensed acupuncturist, has over eight years of experience helping clients with painful conditions, addictions, mental/emotional disorders, and disorders within the gynecological, gastrointestinal and circulatory systems. Robbins-Beasley tailors acupuncture sessions to suit the needs of each individual client at Pathways to Healing.

Cost: $85 for initial 90-minute visit; $65 for subsequent 60-minute treatments. Location: 1817 Bernville Rd., Reading. For more information, call 610-373-7935, ext. 417, email [email protected] or visit

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