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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

Higher Brain Living Presentations in Lancaster

Feb 26, 2015 03:34PM

Allison Dracha, a facilitator for the Higher Brain Living personal development technique, gives free presentations at 7 p.m. on the first Tuesday of each month at the De-Stress Center in Temple. Dracha will provide an overview of the science behind Higher Brain Living and how it was developed, as well as the positive results people have achieved using the technique. She includes live demonstration so participants can see how the method works and ask questions.

“Most of us live from our lower brain that served us when trying to survive as cavemen, but not today as we navigate through life’s complexities,” observes Dracha. “Higher Brain Living is a sustainable system that moves energy to our joy-filled higher brain and away from our stressed-out primitive lower brain. Increasing energy to the higher brain brings more joy, love, abundance, a higher level of consciousness and a boost in immunity.”

Location: 26 Skyline Dr., Temple. For more information, call 484-772-6446, email [email protected] or visit

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