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Reiki Training at Inner Peace and Wellness Center

Reiki Master Lori Kleinsmith, a certified hypnotist and the owner of Pinnacle Hypnosis of Hamburg, will offer a Reiki Level One class from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., January 10 and 11, at the Inner Peace and Wellness Center. The Japanese term Reiki translates as “universal life-force energy”. During the level one training, students learn the history of Reiki and receive the guidance needed to begin their practice, as well as ample time for students to practice Reiki on each other and on animal clients, building their confidence in the practice.

Reported to reduce stress and provide feelings of relaxation, peace and well-being, Reiki is currently used as a supportive healing modality in hospitals and other wellness centers across the country. The practitioner administers the healing modality with light or no touch while the client is fully clothed, working to dissolve blocks and restore and rebalance energy flow through various energy centers in the body.

Cost: $125 for both days. Location: 202 S. Third St., Hamburg. For more information, call 610-823-4160 or email [email protected]

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