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Are you at peace with your practice?

Aug 29, 2014 07:55AM


We walk in spirit, soul and body altogether. As human beings, we develop a certain way of doing things in our lives that is contrary in nature to spirit. We accumulate certain habits, ideas and pleasures that are temporary and look for comfort in our routine way of navigating through life. Our attention on the transient can be a distraction from the true happiness and peace that is inherent in all of us.

So where do we find real peace? Peace comes with letting go of our attachment to things that are not going to last. Peace is true surrender. An introspective yoga practice can teach us how to surrender and connect with the peace within.

At some point we realize that breathing and internal awareness are more important than the stress we put on ourselves to perform the postures in a certain way. We can also learn what our intentions are for life by observing the way we practice yoga.

Here are some questions we can ask ourselves before, during and after a yoga session.

• Are you in control, or do you practice with a sense of release?

• Do you strive to become the perfect yogi or yogini, or is there room for spirit to lead you?

• Are you just trying a different way, or is there a true intention of surrender present?

• Is there disharmony, or are you at peace with your practice?

Maria van der Meij is an experienced registered yoga teacher at the 500-hour level and owner of YOGA on Orange, located at 129 E. Orange St., in Lancaster. Connect with her at 717-392-3992 or [email protected]

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