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Embrace the Power of Reiki

Apr 29, 2014 11:23PM ● By Carla Saylor


Energy is one of those subtle, yet intangible elements that has an incredible influence on everything. Most of us notice that we feel different when we are with many people in a large space versus a confined one, or that our gut-level experience differs when we interact with someone pleasant versus a person that tries our patience.

Many energy work gurus believe that illness first manifests as an energetic blockage in our minds or bodies. The auric energy field that surrounds the body can be protective and vast or deflated and in need of repair. Stress, trauma, illness take a toll. If unaddressed, the energy blockage later develops into symptoms and ultimately disease.

Amazingly, the body knows how to heal itself. It is exciting to possess the ability to be proactive about our health and increase vitality using the non-invasive approach of Reiki. Named for the Japanese word that translates as “universal healing”, Reiki is a style of energy work that targets the chakras, as well as the auric field surrounding the body. It can jumpstart renewal almost like a domino effect by gently unblocking imbalances to maximize the body’s healing potential. Reiki creates balance, centeredness and an increased awareness of the energy that we bring into each interaction, as well as that brought by others.

Applying light physical touch with the intent to heal and do no harm allows the chakras to open, shift and recalibrate. Oils, crystals and sound currents may also be used to enhance the session. Many recipients experience a sense of serenity and euphoria and become more perceptive about their personal transformations. Afterwards, some clients report resolving an issue from a novel perspective or notice ongoing spikes in creativity, generosity and peacefulness. Meaningful dreams and deep relaxation often follow. Reiki helps us synchronize with a conscious wave of mindful energy.

Reiki is imparted through a Reiki master to their students. There are three levels of training; each explores an aspect of energy, beginning with the physical and adding the emotional and spiritual elements. The teaching begins with the history of Reiki and the nature of energy. An important aspect of each training level is the attunement, during which the Reiki master activates specific energy channels, or symbols, within each trainee. Also, students have opportunities to observe a demonstration and then practice their newly learned skills with each other. Once trained, a Reiki practitioner can work on themselves and others, even animals.

Carla Saylor—a licensed massage therapist specializing in therapeutic and Thai mat massage, Reiki, Lomilomi and Jin Shin Jyutsu—is the owner of Mandarin Rose, in Lancaster. As a Reiki master, she offers all levels of Reiki training. Her next Level I Reiki class is scheduled from 2 to 5 p.m., May 18, at Mandarin Rose. For more information, call 717-207-4076 or visit

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