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KUDOS- Advanced Thermal Imaging

Sep 30, 2013 10:37PM

Advanced Thermal Imaging celebrates the start of nine years of service assisting community members in taking a proactive approach to their health through regular screenings. Dr. Pamela Howard, founder of Advanced Thermal Imaging and doctor of chiropractic for 17 years, focuses her attention on providing clients with a safe and pain-free screening method. As a certified clinical thermographer and a certified cancer support educator, Howard’s vast experience brings a depth of understanding and support to her clientele.

A recent client shares, “It’s unusual to find doctors who are willing to go the extra mile like Dr. Howard does. I learned more about myself and being healthy than I had ever considered before.”

Howard is deeply concerned about her clients and states, “Our ultimate goal is to improve client’s involvement in their health through better understanding and by providing them with information to support their process. In doing so, we know we have exceeded their expectations.”

Howard is a frequent presenter on health topics at Natural Alliance’s free monthly wellness seminars, in Mechanicsburg and Lancaster.

Location: 259 N. 6th St., Columbia, and 550 Coventry Dr., Mechanicsburg. For more information, call 866-522-3484 or visit

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