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Kulp Chiropractic Clinic, Inc., & Nutrition & Wellness Center

Sep 30, 2013 10:37PM ● By Bill Simpson


Berks County native Donna Kulp suffered a back injury as a young woman that led her to become Dr. Donna Kulp, a chiropractic physician and the owner of Kulp Chiropractic Clinic Inc. & Nutrition & Wellness, a one-stop wellness facility.

“I had a herniated disk and couldn’t even walk,” recalls Kulp, who was working at a fitness center then. She consulted a local chiropractic doctor and his wife, who ran a wellness clinic within the practice. “I eventually got well enough to get a new job,” says Kulp, “and I worked in their wellness center. After working there, I decided on a new career path.”

In the 1980s, Kulp took her first dip into the wellness business, in Reading, by opening an office that included nutritional counseling and a health food store, as well as massage and colonic therapy. When the U.S. Food and Drug Administration threatened to mandate health education in order to sell vitamins, Kulp decided to attend Logan College of Chiropractic. In 1992, she opened Kulp Chiropractic Clinic. She was not expecting her prior health food store experience to prove so valuable until she began seeing patients. “I found that many patients also wanted nutritional counseling,” Kulp states.

Over time, she expanded her clinic into a comprehensive center that begins with chiropractic care to optimize the client’s spinal health and then addresses the many factors that create a state of vibrant physical health and emotional well-being. The center even includes a health food store, open to the public, which makes it easy for patients to get what they need to pursue any nutrition or detoxification plan developed through individual counseling with Kulp.

In addition to spinal care and nutritional counseling, the clinic and wellness center provides patients with many other health-promoting services, such as detoxification programs, colon hydrotherapy, massage therapy, reflexology, sauna and wellness lectures, as well as mind-body practices such as yoga and meditation for stress management. The center has eight team members, including a second chiropractor, Dr. Steven Zellers. Three certified massage therapists are also on staff: Tom Senkowski specializes in deep tissue work, sports massage and therapeutic massage; Staci Kenn is also certified in essential oil therapy; and Meg Solt is additionally certified as a colonic therapist.

Everything starts with a complete patient assessment. “We take great pride in our diagnostics,” specifies Kulp. “I do an extensive patient history and a review of systems, find out what made symptoms worse and what the patient has tried that did not work, as well as all prior treatments and a diet and lifestyle history—all before we move into testing or recommending any treatments. And if our clinic isn’t the best place for you, we will get you to the right doctor.” After the assessment, specialized nutritional testing and lab work may be ordered.

One of Kulp’s fortes is a specialized service called The Webster Technique, an adjustment for pregnant women whose babies are in a breech position. The method enables chiropractors to bring proper balance to the woman’s pelvis and reduce stress to her uterus and the supporting ligaments. According to Kulp, clinical studies have confirmed that a balanced state in the pelvis allows optimal fetal positioning.

Kulp Chiropractic is the official team chiropractor for the Reading Royals ice hockey team and the former Reading Express indoor football team. The goal of Kulp and her staff is to help patients achieve and maintain vibrant health by providing everyone, from professional athletes to the general population, the best possible care and counseling.

Kulp Chiropractic is located at 52 Morgantown Rd., in Reading. For more information, call 610-208-0404, email [email protected] or visit

Bill Simpson, a frequent contributor to Natural Awakenings magazine, is a Lancaster writer with a strong interest in healthful living and a penchant for foot races. Connect with him at [email protected] or at the Shiver By The River Winter Race.

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