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Rx4 Relaxes Body and Mind by Releasing the Core

Jul 29, 2013 07:46AM

Rx4 Relaxes Body and Mind by Releasing the Core

Founded in 2010 by the brother and sister chiropractic team of Dr. Ben Tanner and Dr. Gwen Gardner, The Core Experience is introducing Tanner’s invention, the Rx4, an innovative tool that enables users to roll, relax and release pain and stress in order to reconnect to their deepest core, the central nervous system and spine, and promote healing and growth. Individuals can try it for free by coming to The Core Experience facility, in Manheim.

According to Tanner, who has studied many physiology-based disciplines in addition to chiropractic, the Rx4 allows the user to release stress and pain and counter the negative effects of the constant forward-bent posture required for texting, deskwork, driving, reading and TV viewing.

Tanner says that in just five to 10 minutes of usage per day, the Rx4, available for home use, allows the user to feel benefits comparable to a chiropractic adjustment, back massage and whole-body, back-bending yoga posture.

Location: 16 S. Main St., Manheim. For more information, call 717-665-1888, or visit

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