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Natural Hope Center Offers Non-invasive Treatments for Chronic Illnesses

Jun 29, 2013 02:52PM

Natural Hope Center, which opened recently in West Lawn, specializes in helping those with chronic illnesses using a variety of non-invasive, natural techniques and therapies to help bring the body back into balance naturally. The center’s health options for positive enrichment (HOPE) include nutritional counseling, stress and pain management, meridian and auricular therapy, therapeutic herbology, homeopathy, hypnotherapy, neurolinguistic programming, massage and bodywork. The center also employs non-invasive assessment tools, such as hair mineral analysis and saliva testing.

Karen O’Connor opened the center after using natural approaches to heal herself of lupus, multiple sclerosis and other chronic illnesses by using natural approaches. Developing a passion for natural healing, she earned multiple certifications, completing a Master of Science degree and continuing her education at the doctorate level. O’Connor counsels with a holistic approach and develops a plan to bring clients back into balance by unlocking the body’s natural ability to heal itself, giving clients the tools to be their own healers.

Location: 310 W. Wyomissing Blvd., West Lawn. For more information, call 610-743-4788 or visit

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