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Health By Design Teaches How to Decode Food Labels

Apr 30, 2013 03:11PM


Emily Givler, a dietary supplements counselor and pediatric nutrition consultant, will present a seminar entitled Food Labels Decoded, at 6 p.m., May 14, at Health by Design Natural Clinic, in Leola.

Many food labels are deliberately deceptive. The FDA does not require manufacturers to list coloring agents or flavoring additives on ingredients lists as long as those substances make the FDA list of “generally regarded as safe” additives. As a result, the labels on many products simply list “spices,” “natural colors,” and “natural flavors.”

However, natural does not mean safe, and many of these products can cause allergic reactions and other health problems. This seminar explains that the safest approach is to learn to identify what’s in our food, avoid chemical additives and know what we are really eating.

Health By Design Natural Clinic offers holistic clinical evaluations, functional lab testing and nutritional education and consultations, to design a nutrition plan for healthier living.

Cost: Free. Location: 12 Keystone Ct., Leola. For more information or to preregister (required), call 717-556-8103, email [email protected] or visit

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