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Healthy Rhythms Program Promotes Wellness for Caregivers


Licensed Clinical Social Worker Kate Stufflet is collaborating with Mark Seaman, owner and program director of Zenergy Arts and Wellness, to introduce Healthy Rhythms, a mixture of rhythm, movement and relaxation therapy for health care professionals, educators and other caregivers at high risk for compassion fatigue. The program lessens stress, anxiety and illness, while improving mood, energy and confidence.

Work that involves caretaking others is energetically depleting and leads to burnout, presenting as higher absenteeism, increased turnover rates, low morale, inability to work together and resistance to change. Healthy Rhythms was developed upon decades of research supporting the benefits of music and rhythm-based therapy, plus 30 years’ worth of experience instructing the healthcare and corporate communities.

Seaman and Stufflet are available for onsite staff trainings, team building and stress reduction workshops, and the program can be customized to meet individual or group needs.

For more information, call 610-223-5841 or email [email protected] For more information, visit or

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