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New Local Barter Exchange Business Up and Running


Lancaster Exchange of Goods and Services (LEGS) is a new online business-to-business barter, trade exchange and business developer for small businesses that has grown to include more than 60 small business owners. Current members include Wisegrass, Building Character, Miesse Candies and Dave Shiley (Dave the Tax Guy). LEGS is an independent exchange that uses software with an online global interface to enable both a local, community-based exchange of businesses and a global trading network of more than 5,000 member businesses worldwide, including more than 50 barter exchanges.

The initiative was launched in September 2012 by professional visionaries Sara Baker and Melissa Monti, who shared an understanding of the need to create a community within the community for bartering goods and services. Baker and Monti found a business model that fit with Lancaster's community of talented artisans, healers and knowledge-sharers. A significant benefit to having a local exchange for business-to-business barter is that member businesses can network across fields and ultimately refer more cash business based on trust-filled relationships.

Businesses in LEGS sell their goods and services via the local and global barter networks and accrue “barter currency”, which they can spend anywhere in both exchange networks. 

For more information, call 717-380-0679, email [email protected], [email protected], or visit

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