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New Book on Hormones, Mood, Weight and Sleep


Local author Dawn Cutillo Hiestand, owner of The Rejuvenation Center, has recently published The Hormone “Shift”. After working with local clients at the center, she wanted to simplify this hot topic and clarify common misunderstandings.

Cutillo proposes that there is one main shift in hormones that often starts at puberty, peaks around menopause and causes numerous, annoying PMS and menopause issues, including bloating, mood swings, fatigue and endometriosis. She points out a primary reason for this hormonal shift and then shares a simple solution that may have the potential to reverse the shift. “The techniques are safe, natural, effective and work rapidly,” says Cutillo.

The Hormone “Shift” promises to give readers an understanding of women’s health and hormonal changes and to resolve their issues with mood, weight and sleep. Cutillo offers a free hormone evaluation and book signing for those that stop by her office.

Location: 616 Paxton Plaza, Ste. 102, Lititz. For more information, call 717-569-3040 or visit TheHormoneShift.Com.

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