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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

Making Natural Cordage

Explore the nature-based survival crafts that reacquaint us with the land and root us in our human ancestry.

It goes without saying that rope is versatile. In land-based survival settings, rope is used in creating trap lines, tethering shelters, tying brushwood bundles, and igniting fire by friction. In our homes, we can use simple, plant-based rope for clothing lines, drying herbs, mounting wall-hangings, and everyday fix-up jobs. The possibilities are infinite, yet with the upswell of interest in foraging and medicine-making, cordage is an often-overlooked dimension of human’s long-felt relationship with the plant world.

So, in this class, we’ll spotlight the craft of simple cord-rendering. We’ll delve into plant identification, fiber processing, and creating a finished material that is taut, durable, and biodegradable. Along the way, we’ll highlight native and nonnative plants that offer themselves for cordage and explore how humans have practice cord-spinning for centuries.

This class is part of the Horn Farm Center's new Windows to Wild Lands series, taking place from 1 to 3pm on the first Sunday of every month. Each class, we'll offer an entry-level, hands-on lesson in an age-old primitive skill that reconnects with the land while giving us a glimpse into the nature-based lives of our human ancestry. Learn more at

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Date & Time

April 2, 2023

1:00PM - 3:00PM


Horn Farm Center - 4945 Horn Road, York, PA, 17406 4945 Horn Road York 17406 PA US

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(717) 757-6441

$25 per person

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