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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

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Bent Limb Farm

592 Stone Hill Road
Shoemakersville, PA 19555

Each animal brings several assets to the table. The alpaca provide fiber, manure and keep the fields trimmed. Our fainting goats eat their way through the brush and poison ivy, plus provide great entertainment. There’s nothing like the joy of a newborn goat running and jumping, just because they can. The pigs follow the goats to clean up roots of the pest plants and till the fields. Pork is available at the farm since we work with a USDA butcher for all of our processing. The pigs are treated humanely throughout their life. Because they are raised in the pastures and woods, the meat is flavorful but not tough. This is pork the way we remember it from our childhood. The chickens follow the animals scratching and spreading manure as they search for bugs and larva. Pre-orders for chicken and turkeys (seasonally) are welcome. Friends and family will rave about these birds when you serve them. Our eggs have golden yellow to an orange yolk and their taste is extraordinary. Angora rabbits provide the same benefits as the alpaca — fiber and manure but on a smaller scale. In the winter the chickens live in the same area of the barn as the bunnies aerating the bedding as they scratch through it looking for food. This helps keep odors and vermin down in the barn when it is closed for the winter.

Rotational grazing, mowing, fertilizing and occasionally overseeding have noticeable increased the ground coverage and topsoil quality resulting in better feed for the animals. In the winter we also grow barley fodder in a hydroponic system so the animals have fresh greens. Our farm is definitely a work in progress with far-reaching long-term goals.

Offering many different types of products helps us get closer to our aim for farm — sustainability. We have alpaca fiber available in many forms: raw fiber, roving & yarn, plus finished goods for all ages. The same is available with angora rabbit fiber. Our pork, chicken and eggs will be some of best that you have ever tasted.

Whether it’s fiber products, food or animals for your own farm, we look forward to sharing our farm and knowledge with you and your family.