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Health By Design Introduces Skin Rejuvenating Technology


Dr. Jeannie Peck, owner of Health By Design Natural Clinic (HBD), has added Jade System and Derma Ray skin therapies to the clinic’s services. The non-surgical, non-invasive techniques are intended to stimulate the skin to restore its natural cellular activity and are used to support pain management, increase circulation, diminish wrinkles and revitalize sun-damaged tissue. Peck and her technicians were trained and certified by Professor Dr. Charles McWilliams, who created the Jade System and Derma Ray. Each has received certifications in Jade Esthetics Lymphology and Micro-massage, a treatment that combines Micro-current and Derma Ray.

The Jade System involves high-tech bioenergy treatments that incorporate light, sound and color therapy. Derma Ray is a solid-state Tesla generator that emits high-frequency light in order to stimulate collagen, elastin and protein growth on a cellular level, speed tissue repair and reduce lymphatic and fluid build-up.

Peck is a doctor of natural medicine and licensed clinical therapist, board certified through the Pastoral Medicine Regulatory Board and the Sacred Medical Order of the Church of Hope. She sees clients by appointment at her clinics in Leola and Quarryville.

Locations: 12 Keystone Ct., Leola; 215 W. 4th St., Ste. 109, Quarryville. For more information or appointments, call 717-556-8103, email [email protected], or visit