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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks


Free Orientation Day for the MBSR 8 Week Course

WITH JESS OKANYA PATEL, MA Enrollment is Open, Course Jan 22- March 26, 2022

8-week course is an evidence-based, intensive exploration of the practice of mindfulness. People participate for many reasons—to relieve stress of all kinds, to ease emotional and physical pain, to live and love more fully, and to establish a regular practice of mindfulness. No experience is necessary and all levels are welcome.

The regular training in mindfulness in an MBSR course, people become familiar with their own behavior patterns, especially in relation to stressful situations. They also learn that though they cannot always change the circumstances in which they find themselves, they can choose how to respond to them.  Going from reacting to responding, with the latter involving a clearer perception of the circumstances through being in touch with the thoughts, sensations and emotions that are present.

The standard MBSR course consists of eight, weekly sessions of 2.5 hours each, plus an all-day session after the sixth week that is a retreat day. Each weekly session starts with a mindfulness exercise that the participants have learned during the previous session. The main exercises are the body scan, gentle mindful movement, & sitting meditation. Through the program, participants will practice one of these exercises every day. In addition, there are various exercises centered on incorporating mindfulness practice into daily life. Other exercises train mindful awareness in relation to thoughts, sensations and emotions. Some topics are: mindful communication, working w difficult emotions and how perception influences our relationship to stressful events.

TUITION Sliding scale to accommodate more people. To cover costs, & and so that people with fewer financial resources can be accommodated, please pay at the highest level available to you. If tier 3 is financially prohibitive, Please email us so we can find a way for you to participate. Payment Plans Available. TIER 1: $550 ($18 PER CLASS HOUR) TIER 2: $500 ($16 PER CLASS HOUR TIER 3: $450 ($15 PER CLASS HOUR)

Jess Okanya Patel is qualified to teach MBSR through East Coast Mindfulness & she holds a Masters degree in Mindfulness Studies from Lesley University. She makes any individual she is connecting with to feel valued and seen. 

Date & Time

January 22, 2022

1:00PM - 3:00PM


West End Yoga Studio 221 West Walnut Street Lancaster 17603 PA US

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