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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

Cheryl Corson

Resonance With Nature

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313 W Liberty Street, Suite 254
Lancaster, PA 17603

(202) 494-5054

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I had the pleasure of working with Cheryl last fall after we met in a sacred sound healing group online. She offered me some guidance through her coaching work and I was grateful to have spent 10 weeks working together to help me get clarity in my purpose and path in life. Each week, Cheryl did a great job of reminding me what were the goals that we had set together at the beginning of our talk, so that we could stay focused and track my progress to how I was feeling about my self-reflection. One of my favorite things in working with Cheryl was the sense of calm, peaceful presence and familiarity. As her related work in landscape design implies, she is excellent at creating and holding space for healing. I felt very held and able to open myself vulnerably because I could sense authentic care and concern from Cheryl to be present for me. I highly recommend any and all to work with Cheryl as she has a natural gift, has professional training, and knows how to create healing space for transformation and energetic release to manifest!

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