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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

Heart Space Happy Place

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Life Enrichment Coaching with Heather. An eclectic blend of modalities are infused with and inspired by The Secret, Reiki, EFT Tapping, her work with John Assaraf, Sheevaun Moran, certifications from Jack Canfield, The Secret To Life Coaching, Byron Katie The Work, Janet Attwood founder of The Passion Test, Joe Vitale and Emotion Body Code. You can count on any of her coaching, events or workshops to have a lasting impact! Additional Info: Sessions can be done in person, over the phone, Skype or via E-mail. Heather began working with energetic modalities in the early 90s. With over 18 years experience her work is at a deep energetic level, so any style session is as powerful as in person! Heather's desire is for the world to be filled with more joyful people. When Heather began her career in the wellness industry, in 1993. Her interested and education intensified, leading her to create her own award winning Holistic Day spa in 1999. It has always come as second nature to assist people in uncovering a more expansive way of thinking, healthier way to live and care for themselves. And after years of over coming her own significant business and personal obstacles (business development, expansion and challenges, childhood traumas, loss, health issues, divorce, etc.) and always coming out stronger and happier than she could have ever expected, she knew she needed to share her methods of achieving this with others, so they could be happier and freer too. To deepen her knowledge and learn more methods of coaching, she has trained (and continues to train) with the best coaches in the world! She is impassioned about helping others learn how to effectively utilize the energy of the universe (commonly known as the Law of Attraction) and adopt new, scientifically proven habits that will cultivate greater success, confidence, connection to your core values and life purpose. Working with Heather, you will learn new tools and techniques to help you live the most joyful & authentic life! It's never to late to go for the life of your dreams - full of deeply connected relationships, financial freedom, more fun & leisure, balance and whatever your heart desires! TOP BENEFITS OF COACHING WITH HEATHER: Reduce Stress, Increase Confidence & Sense of Self-Worth Increase Purpose, Intention, Direction and Free Time Increase and Balance Energy for Improved Health Improve Connections and Relationships Create an ABUNDANT Life rich in successes and fulfilling experiences! And much, much more.... Schedule a COMPLIMENTARY DISCOVERY SESSION by visiting the website today!