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Elevate Fitness Uplifting the Community Through Yoga and Movement

Hanna Eadline and Cara Dienner

Hanna Eadline and Cara Dienner

The friendship between Cara Dienner and Hanna Eadline was the spark that created Elevate Fitness, in AkronTrue to the definition of the word elevate, they lift each other up and complement one another well as business partners. Passionate about movement their entire lives, both Dienner and Eadline are formally trained in ballet and have traveled internationally as teachers and performers.  


Elevate Fitness is known for offering a blend of hatha and vinyasa-style yoga, and their uplifting classes are well attended at every levelWe are a vibrant community with a passion for movement, made up of beginners, students who were practicing on their own with online yoga classes and individuals who have practiced for years,” describeDienner.  


Candlelight restorative yoga is a gentle, soothing practice focused on healing the body and mind. Relaxing floor-based poses are held for two to five minutes with the support of blankets and various props.  


TGIF Yoga is an energetic class featuring an upbeat fusion of yoga styles set to a new musical theme each week, such as 80’s pop, Billy Joel, Britney Spears and reggae. “Participants get excited to vote on the music,” enthuses Dienner. “It’s been a real draw for our studio.” 


Zumba, a mix of low-intensity and high intensity moves during an interval-style, dance fitness party, is another popular class. POUND will be added in November. It merges strength training, cardio and conditioning with yoga and Pilates-inspired movements, using lightly weighted drumsticks called Ripstix, designed especially for exercise. Drumming is transformed into a workout. Launching in January 2019, STRONG by Zumba combines cardio, muscle conditioning, body weight training and plyometric moves (jump training) synced to music.  


Storybook Yoga, an interactive, playful session for children and their loved ones, as well as dance classes and weekend workshops are also available. 


Everyone is welcome regardless of body shape or size,” says Dienner. Our goal is to create a safe space for participants to move with confidence. 


Elevate Fitness is located at 240 N. 7th St., Ste. 500, in Akron. For more information, call 717-327-0802 or visit 

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