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David L. Kline

Enlightening Readers to Find the Path to Happiness

David Kline

David Kline

David L. Kline is a native Pennsylvanian who is the author of a book series that describes his unique spiritual journey in order to help others enhance their own spiritual lives. The books share Kline’s enlightened views, which offer insights about how to live a truly happy and unencumbered life and provide an entertaining and comprehensive look at modern spirituality.

Kline encourages readers to become introspective about their true feelings in order to make the most of life. “On Earth, humans deal with fear, anger and guilt. Fear leads to anger, and feelings of guilt follow angry outbursts,” explains Kline. “When we shed the unnecessary baggage of fear, anger and guilt, and replace it with self-love, self-forgiveness and universal, unconditional love, we modify our thinking and move forward.”

Kline’s book series motivates readers to ask questions about life and spirituality because making modifications to thinking opens up new possibilities and empowers people to not only dream about but actually attain happiness. “Learning and accepting that each of us has spirit guides is essential,” notes Kline. “Guides have a purpose in our lives, one of which is to let us know that we are held by them in unconditional love. They make it known to us, in their own ways, that we deserve to be happy, and they help us to reach that state of happiness.” 

His latest book, A Matter of Death and Life, brings enlightenment on the subjects of life and death and lays out how to make the most of the time spent on Earth. He provides explanations regarding the fear and illusion of death and gives readers encouragement and hope.

“Abundant opportunities are attracted to us when we give up old thought processes and early programming, and move fearlessly ahead into uncharted territory,” shares Kline. “It is my pleasure to help others manifest the path to happy abundance.”

David L. Kline has written four books and continues to write more, not only to help himself but also to help others. For more information, visit

Gisele M. Siebold is a contributing writer to Natural Awakenings magazine. Connect with her at

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