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Bebe Martinez Offers Diverse Counseling Services

Bebe Martinez, founder of Counseling for The Weirdos, is currently scheduling sessions for interested clients. Individual and couple sessions can be conducted remotely via HIPAA-compliant video.

Counseling for The Weirdos was created as a safe space for loners, empaths, nonconformists, artists, creatives, energy healers, introverts and outsiders. Her practice is strengths–based, solution–focused and seeks to support each client’s holistic self (mind, body and spirit). Martinez specializes in addressing anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, career/life transitions, sexual trauma, relationships and intimacy.

“All professions, backgrounds, sexual orientations and gender expressions are welcomed here,” she says. “It can be difficult to find a counselor you can confide in; someone who validates your life experiences. My hope is that all people can experience improved relationships with themselves and others, all while living in peace, purpose and pleasure.”

To request a session, call or text 929-224-7815 or email [email protected]. For more information, visit