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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

Letter from Publisher

Kendra & Jacqueline, Co-publishers

The sun is bright and the air is crisp today as we reflect on the current pandemic storm which continues to bring waves of suffering and uncertainty into our world, along with ongoing community restrictions. Regardless of personal circumstances, the feeling of grief is now familiar to all of us. We mourn those whose lives have been cut short, and long to be with friends and family, return to school or visit a favorite restaurant or coffee shop.

We are weathering this stormy time together, but find ourselves in different boats on this sea of change. We’ve seen first-hand or in social media how some are riding out the pandemic in luxurious spaces or exotic places, while others are separated from their families and living with altered routines as health care workers or first responders. Some businesses remain intact, while others have been closed for weeks and face uncertainty as to whether they will ever reopen. Some families are enjoying family time, putting puzzles together and taking hikes, while others are struggling to find adequate shelter or food. Maybe some among us aren’t even in a “boat” – but are just barely keeping heads above water.

As people reach out to help those in need by giving a hand-up, compassion has risen to the surface, bringing its own message and carrying us through. Dignity is shining in acts large and small, allowing us to live in the raw truths by bringing courage and strength. In naming our grief, calling out the pain and the confusion, we are empowered by the honesty of our human experience. Such authenticity and expression lightens and frees the soul, inviting us to take the momentum of that emotion and turn it into a higher and greater cause––taking care of ourselves and one another.

The reality of our new world is set amidst nature’s backdrop of spring colors and vibrancy that is continuing on, undaunted, brilliant, wise and steady in her healing balm. We look to nature daily, to breathe it all in. We notice buds unfurling into blooms, birds coming to our feeders that are strong, singing, alive and cheerful and new animal life emerging from nests and burrows.

The slowing of routine schedules and a frenetic outer pace has given many of us time and space for turning within. Moments of calm have encouraged us to connect and tune to the sounds and rhythms that create a deeper peace for ourselves and our beloveds. Memories are keeping us smiling. Screen-time is connecting us in ways we never quite dreamed and online innovations unite our realms of social and creative endeavors; whether with family and friends or with practitioners for collaboration, we continue to balance and fill our souls.

Remember that small, local businesses and practitioners need you. If you are purchasing necessities, consider looking first to businesses nearby that are diligently working to keep this community unique, healthy and vibrant. The businesses in our pages are great examples of generous and caring entrepreneurs who desire nothing more than to meet your needs. Connecting with local resources is imperative for sustaining our vital web of life.

We need each other, and we will get through this. Connect, call, pray, dance and meditate on the light that is continuing to shine on. We invite you to join us in reflecting on all the ways that we can continue to feel good, live simply and laugh more.

Jacqueline & Kendra