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Letter from Co-Publishers

Kendra & Jacqueline, Co-publishers

Cultivating compassion and acting from the heart help us to maintain balance as we navigate a path through a world rich in experiences that invite us to grow.

In our News Brief section, we note a painting by local artist Susan Korsnick that conveys love and compassion for animals affected by the Australian bushfires. Empathy moved her to offer prints with 100 percent of the profits provided to a facility that treats and rehabilitates wounded koalas. She demonstrates the ability to use one’s own unique gifts and skills to make a difference; even in moments when feelings of overwhelm and uncertainty may creep in, individual offerings of the heart can ripple far and wide.

The willingness to extend compassion to others is in direct relationship with our capacity to love ourselves. Forgiveness is at the heart of the matter, with self-compassion deepening into self-acceptance when we forgive ourselves for not living up to our own or others expectations and for whatever regrets or shame we may be carrying. Honest self-inquiry shines a light on our humanity, including failures, inadequacies, and past traumas along with strengths, gifts and talents. Seeing and fully accepting all of ourselves opens the door to true compassion. Tara Brach, Ph.D., renowned therapist and Buddhist teacher, says, “Once we have held ourselves with kindness, we can touch others in a vital and healing way.”

In our feature article, “Sacred Vessels, the Lifeblood of Heart Health,” we take a close look at another matter of the heart—caring for the vessels that feed the heart organ. With an increasing number of people suffering and dying from cardiovascular disease, writer Julie Peterson illuminates the risk factors of this largely preventable life-style induced disease and offers valuable action tips to cut the risks, including becoming aware of blood pressure, cholesterol and other health numbers, improving food choices, increasing movement, reducing stress, and deepening connections by spending time with others.

As you cozy up this February next to a loved one or a furry, four-legged friend or with that lovely being that is YOU, take a deep breath in…and a deep breath out…taking a moment to recognize  and more fully accept all the preciousness of who you are. 


With compassion for ourselves and others, may we find ways to ensure that we and those around us can experience feeling good, living simply and laughing more.

Kendra and Jacqueline

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion. ~ Dalai Lama

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