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Dangers of Hoarding

According to the Mayo Clinic, hoarding disorder is a persistent difficulty discarding or parting with possessions because of a perceived need to save them. Hoarding ranges from mild to severe and can lead to a number of significant problems for the individual that is hoarding, their family members and their pets.  


Hoarding often leads to unsanitary conditions and health concerns. Many serious, and sometimes fatal, illnesses are caused by rodent infestation and droppings as well as mold and bacteria. During a fire, the blaze can spread quickly throughout the home and may leave the homeowner trapped inside. Emergency responders may be prevented from accessing the injured.  


Children and animals can be crushed from piles of hoarded items falling on top of them. Animals can become trapped and die from starvation. Children and animals are susceptible to respiratory illness from dust and unsanitary conditions. In very serious conditions, homeowners could lose custody of their children and/or pets due to the safety hazards.


Once a home is decluttered, mold is often discovered throughout the residence. Mold cannot be ignored because it will not resolve itself. It must be safely and correctly removed. Clearing away clutter and seeking help for hoarding behaviors benefits the wellbeing of all who live in the home. 



Darlene Eager is the owner of DC Eager Emergency Services, LLC, located at 6 E. Kendig Rd., in Willow Street, specializing in all types of property damage and firm-certified in mold remediation. For a free assessment and estimate, and more information, call 717-989-5763 or visit 

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