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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

Letter From the Publishers

Kendra & Jacqueline, Co-publishers

            Creativity is the thread of inspiration that leads to truth, linking original voice with passion and purpose toward a grand recovery of all that we hold dear. There are many paths for spirit to work its wonder in the world; endless disclosures of the heart and simple, silent awe among the vast experiential range of an authenticity that heals.

            This latest issue marks a way forward in honor of those positive choices that center, uplift and support sustained energy and balance amidst change, both individually and community-wide. Alignment of values with action allows for a synergy of mental, physical and emotional realms, in which integrity unfolds and self-expression remains the universal language of the soul. 

            All that we embrace and release, the thoughts and stories that emerge, relationships formed, the loss, transformation and joy, are preciously woven into a signature masterpiece. There is beauty and power in the designs that emerge, within and without our connections and collaborations ripple brilliance. 

            The art of living is at once subtle and grand, flowing through our productivity, our postures and our prose, both a collective manifestation of worldview and all of our home projects. This month’s contributors illustrate just how diverse a deliberate existence can be-by veering off the grid to stay grounded, redefining boundaries for intentional community-building, sharing meals with neighbors and structuring our spaces to reflect the sanctuaries we crave. 

            Becoming is a personal process, a community endeavor, a legacy of interdependence in so many ways. Energized by the reciprocal exchange of beauty, grace and emotion, each medium of expression rides a unique wave to carry us from rationale and reason to a more intuitive and present state. Restoration is a necessity, for both ourselves and our ecosystems; we owe the world our honesty and our whole selves.

            The season invites us to open, to bloom into full and glorious existence, revealing both our vulnerabilities and our strengths. We celebrate all of the true colors that make up our world, the singing and dancing and laughter that remind us of who we are.


Join us in living on purpose, with intention and compassion in supporting each other. Words and actions can be powerful messages of harmony and hope on the way to a freedom that can sustain us all.

                         ~Kendra Campbell & Jacqueline Mast, Co-publishers

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