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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

Letter from the Publishers: February 2019

Kendra & Jacqueline, Co-Publishers


            Greetings and more importantly, “the divine light within me honors the divine light within you.” My soul recognizes your soul and in that blessing of recognition we are one. It is a simple and essential practice, to see ourselves in this way, to know our common divinity and feel the beat of coherence.

            A treasure of wisdom and healing lies within the exquisitely layered rhythm of the heart. An original cadence, it is a guiding force and portal to the rich connections we share with ourselves and others. Longevity, and even more profoundly the quality of our years, is inextricably linked with this very pulse of life itself. 

            Metta is an ancient Pali (Buddhist) term meaning loving-kindness, friendliness, benevolence and non-violence. It is a strong wish for the welfare and happiness of others. The concept of metta, or loving-kindness, offers a gentle and nonviolent approach for embodying and sharing this inner light with the world. The blessing is focused inward first, genuinely intending for one’s highest good and igniting the compassion that inspires and transforms:May I be happy. May I be well. May I be safe. May I be peaceful and at ease. Brief instructions for the meditation can be found at

            Accessing the heart with these authentic intentions of peace and well-being ignites the magnitude of potential we carry deep inside. This clear and illumined benevolence that radiates easily outward in a wider ripple of wonder and free will is a gift we can share with the world. May all beings be happy. May all beings be well. May all beings be safe, peaceful and at ease.

            A tender exploration of the gratitude that nourishes such a vital circulation links us to this sanctuary within. Opening wide to ourselves precludes opening to others and in this way we carry on the inherent legacy of circulating goodwill; within the context of caring for ourselves a greater kinship with life itself can emerge. 

            Our February issue refines a holistic and gentle approach to heart health, offering an array of dietary and self-care options for less stress and lasting strength. A tender reverence for this multidimensional aspect of inner fortitude conjures awareness of all that we are and the deep capacity to recover and preserve both physical and emotional resilience. 

            In unity we are restored, by relaxing deeply into the power of presence and bowing with ultimate gratitude to fellow travelers every day. The circle of community remains open to all and unbroken in the ongoing exchange of seeing each other and knowing deeply this common life force that lights our way. 


May you be happy. May you be well. May you be safe. May you be peaceful. May you be at ease, and may you share this blessing with others every day.


            Jacqueline Mast & Kendra Campbell, Co-Publishers