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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

Letter From the Publishers

Dec 29, 2018 11:32AM

Kendra & Jacqueline, Co-Publishers

The year 2019 rolls in solid and strong, with a rhythm true to the transitions, healing and growth that bring consciousness into focus and eclipse the pale periphery of judgment, hesitation and fear. We are more than what we appear to be, empowered gently by nature’s embrace; the light of self-awareness brings existence full circle. 


Renewal is an art form that has shaped cultures, healed populations, birthed beauty and continues still to guide time unfolding. This threshold of potential offers space for stillness and reflection on our deepest and most visceral wholenessa poignant pause to consider the circuitry of balance and truths found withinThe body is a dynamic and intuitive energetic matrix of natural laws, soul symmetry and biologic restoration, holding the essence of miraculous transformation in every cell.  


Delicacies and strengths of primary organs are highlighted by contributor Ronica O’Hara, who presents simple plans for maintenance and natural tips for boosting vitality and detoxification in our feature story on pages 19 through 23. An honest look at this coordinated and interdependent system allows for settling into a comfortable relationship with the genius of our own being, and grounding deeply with solutions that nourish from the inside out. 


Various theories and cultures concur that these intricate systems are much more than biochemical aspects of anatomy and physiology, readily including holistic variables of care, such as intention, emotion, environment and epigenetics, in the equation. Modalities such as energy medicine and acupuncture have mapped out meridians and chakras, revealing the subtle designs of these unseen realms. Conscious thought, choice and belief clearly make a difference in the unfolding of our lives. 


Resources that have contributed to the revelation of all that we are made of and all that we are capable of, continue to affirm the gifts of agency, compassion, resilience and joy. Traditions merge with progressive minds as we continue giving to one anotheralways honoring those that have come before to keep the healing wisdom alive. 


This first issue of the year celebrates our founding publishing corporation’s silver anniversary, and it is with deep gratitude that we share this milestone with all of you for being a part of the great shift in consciousness. A brief history of our journey has been compiled by Jan Hollingsworth, on pages 24 and 25, to provide a special glimpse of the heart and soul vision first inspired by Sharon Bruckman 25 years ago. The dream grew into a community of publishers, business owners, practitioners and readers, and together we have become part of the larger world movement of positivity and peace. 


Our pledge to you is a mission of wellness, through a monthly collection of professional resources that are available and equipped to guide your unique path. Education is a top priority for us here at Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks, and is key for advancing and preserving wellness in a world that is rich with possibility and promise. 




We carry on the vision of a strong and compassionate co-existence and share with all of you in living out the change we wish to be. 


~ Jacqueline & Kendra 


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