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Professional Mouthguards Made by Dr. Schwartz

Dr. David Schwartz, owner of Schwartz Family Dental, in Wyomissing, creates custom-made mouthguards by considering the patient’s intended use. According to Schwartz, there are many types, styles and indications available.

He recommends using a mouthguard for all sports. “Mouth-related injuries can occur in non-contact sports even though a mouthguard is not required,” notes Schwartz. “A professionally made one will fit better, which means it will more likely stay in place if an accident occurs. In addition, a mouthguard can be created to correct neuromuscular imbalances and postural imperfections, thus enhancing performance.”

In cases of nighttime teeth grinding, Schwartz recommends a sleep study to determine the cause of the grinding and evaluate for sleep breathing disorders (SBD), such as sleep apnea. Upon evaluation, the proper type of sleep appliance can be made to fix SBD issues as well as grinding.

New patients are welcome. Location: 9 Bristol Ct., Wyomissing. For more information, call 610-670-6910 or visit

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