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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

Letter From The Publishers

Oct 01, 2018 11:05AM

Kendra & Jacqueline, Co-Publishers

Look around, you are in the company of greatness. Everyday miracles abound in this business of living, from ordinary to extraordinary; the magnificent chaos of transformation makes master change agents of us all. It is no small thing to ride these waves, navigating a course with both mind and voice, while advocating for the innovation and integrity that will continue to enrich our world. 

This October issue reflects on solutions for the planet and her people that are incredibly refreshing, bringing youthful vibrancy and new perspective to the helm. A humane, compassionate activism is being recognized and is spreading; the movement to address collective needs is rising up and reaching out with open arms. Bridges are being built as we journey together to higher ground, preserving purpose and dignity for the sake of our future. 

Last month, we were grateful to share in the annual Organic Pioneer Awards dinner held by the Rodale Institute of Berks County, which recognizes leaders in the good food movement committed to the health of our planet and all of humanity. Rodale has been instrumental in shaping the country’s progress toward meeting universal needs of proper nutrition, famine prevention and biologically sustainable solutions to climate change” through outreach and education about organic farming since the 1940s. 

The evening was festive and inspiration radiated graciously from the speakers, one of whom was David Mas Masumoto, a third-generation organic fruit farmer and accomplished author from California; Masumoto was also appointed to the National Council on the Arts in 2013. He shared his passion for a colorful and joy-filled approach to working with and for the land, conveying a deep and reverent gratitude for the wisdom he encounters there. His poetic attention to the honor at hand and sense of unity with other pioneers embodied a grounded nurturing of health and harmony that is empowering communities everywhere. 

The displays of human kindness, connection and creativity taking place that very same weekend included an event envisioned and shaped by 6-year-old, Lucas Kreider, of Lancaster. His idea for an art benefit, featuring works created by children in the community to support Church World Service and the Lancaster County Coalition to End Homelessness, was a beautiful success. The evening was a glowing testament to unabashed dreaming and a sincere, focused generosity of spirit.   

We honor legacy of all shapes and sizes, recognizing the importance of disseminating gifts, knowledge and passion that stimulate the senses and invite intrigue; together we witness a new metamorphosis in wellness, and confidently name it. Soulful response opens doors, and the potential for positive change is endless when we embrace relationship across the infinite landscapes that create common ground. It is a terrain we are all born of and return to, in search of our shared humanity. 



Hearts are leading the way in this authentic expression. We remain grateful for community that is open to new thought, age-old wisdom, artistic freedom and the courage to speak the truth. 


 ~Jacqueline & Kendra, Co-Publishers 



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