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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

Letter From the Publisher September 2018

Sep 01, 2018 11:44AM

Kendra & Jacqueline, Co-Publishers

It is rarely a straight path that leads to the wisdom of an honest pause and the space to receive it. Years ago, intuition, divine timing and a need for equanimity converged and led me to the realm of yoga, an immersion within the turns of a labyrinth I had never dreamed possible.  

In the light of this new perspective, I began to refocus energy on intentions that affirmed a sure footing and lighter spirit, as gratitude glowed through the broken places. The way forward became less important than simply being and radical acceptance softened the edges of the unknown. Space opened up inside; I had slowed down and woken up, to the priority shift of a lifetime. 

Yoga is at once subtle and profound, offering a tradition and philosophy for breathing into the perimeters of the heart, and centering soul-space with both mind and body. A dynamic expression creating mandalas of healing and balance, it is a practice with the potential to synchronize individuality safely within community. Unspoken permission to regroup, recover and release sets the backdrop for an environment without limits or expectations. 

September’s issue honors the flexibility and strength that a yogic way of life provides. A diverse array of practice styles honors this unifying template that naturally covers a wide circumference in the circle of life, having touched generations and various cultures throughout history. Contributors have also included thoughtful sentiments on nutrient-dense dietary choices, soothing sound mediations and other enriching resources, connecting an entire net of resilience options for a buoyant and generous spirit.  

Our community is mirroring the world-wide integration of this ancient, cosmic science in personal practicealongside expert wellness leaders in studios and schools, and as adjunct treatment options in mainstream medicine. The combination of movements and breath awareness has repeatedly been shown to decrease stress, improve neuroplasticity in the brain and reverse many other disease processes through a highly organized effect on the delicate endocrine and immune systems. Specialized programs are now regarded as an effective part of the regimen in treating trauma for those hurting and wounded in our midst. 

The arc of respect for assimilating yoga into everyday life extends from how we honor our own time to choosing integrity in all relationships; the energy we bring to this collective world matters. It is a reminder oour essential nature and ability to transform lives from the inside out 



We welcome you to a colorful array of sentiments on posture, breath and movement, just as you are, to prepare for all that you may intend to be and do. The practice is yours to mold and meld into. Enjoy! 

~Jacqueline & Kendra 

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