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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

Letter from the Publishers

Jul 25, 2018 12:34AM

Kendra & Jacqueline

We self-reflect in mirrors of perspectiveoften entering shimmering layers of timelines, topography and relationships that contribute to a lifetime of value. Mindful awareness is only a heartbeat away, illuminating slivers of soul truth that celebrate individuality, make sense of the senseless and seek meaning on the path to optimal wholeness. 

Exploring beliefs about what it means to feel complete may uncover areas of imbalance or confusion, but also presents opportunities to affirm the irrefutable worth of life itself. Clarity exists on the grand scale of reality in which we are complex and ever-changing beings, and the ripple effect can create waves in our line of focus. We gather and don masks, marvel at artful displays of emotions and honor a most empowered and raw vulnerability in the quest for congruent self-expression and authentic identity.  

Navigating illusions within a world in which the concept of enough has sufficiently blurred is a journey of faith and flexibility. That precious sense of purpose may be as fleeting as attending sincerely to the moment at hand, sharing a joy or pain and placing one more piece in the puzzle. We are the artists in creating and maintaining auras that emanate glorious stories of survival and triumph in the work of knowing and showing ourselves as children of the Divine.  

Wellness spans a wide and cunning spectrum, speaking its own language and offering a sacred portal for mutual exchange of information in learning ourselves from the inside out. Rarely presenting itself as supposed or hoped for, the process of remaining centered and strongrealizing and envisioning a core homeostasisis a testament to adaptation. The body-mind-spirit is a vessel of communication, ever-generous with opportunity for the reclaiming of self that remains central to our individual and collective healing. 

This edition of Natural Awakenings illustrates that dance between the simple and the complex, giving equal weight to both in the dynamic flow of all that it means to be human, and our contemplation and embodiment of this gift. Contributors highlight both the digging in and the letting go, capturing the essence of a variety of roles and unexpected adventures. We welcome their insights into the realms of intentional healing, parenting and personal quests into deep silence.  

Interpretation of these existential variables is bound to shift with personal experience, and in time, reassuring whispers of grace can speak multitudes of serenity. Returning again and again to those moments reminiscent of a greater Power and infinite embrace of unconditional Love, opportunity to realign with the natural order of a mystery that holds its own rhythm, is always there. 




With gratitude for your companionship on the journey, 

           ~Jacqueline & Kendra, Co-Publishers 

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