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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

Letter From the Publishers

Jun 28, 2018 12:47AM

Kendra & Jacqueline, Co-Publishers

We coexist on a spectrum of harmony with this planet and her grace in holding both the wisdom and volatility naturally born of such a dynamic universe. From this perfect embrace, we learn the art of cultivatingnurturing and growing all that we love.  

This relationship between the Earth and all fluctuations and flow of nature is a union of regenerative forces, and testament to co-creating a bounty that nourishes us all. The art of harvest comes wrapped in a bundle of unknowns--calling for timing, patience and grounded knowledge of the elements. Having supremely influencethe world’s evolution, farming is a sacred branch of our global tree, sustaining deep roots in the foundation of our collective becoming. 

Midway through the year, this latest issue highlights pioneering concepts connecting our health with the tilling of our land, and the care of our animals, crops and soil. Intuition and human need has served as motivation in understanding the laws of food production and gathering of sustenance, and now a new awareness is driving more thoughtful analysis, planning and interaction with systems and seasons in this cycle. The quality of our lives is riding on deeper consideration of process and nutritive standards, making both historical and industrial farming universal interest. 

Our feature on p. 20, by contributor Melinda Hemmelgarn, illustrates the current environment of innovation in which a prime mix of creative ingenuity and science is elevating standards in the food-growing realm. A wave of brilliance is blessing us with sound solutions on how to fill our plates, and the world-renowned Rodale Institute, located in Berks County, is on the forefront of this leading edge. Universities, farmers and even healthcare industries are joining in to round out the widespread community benefits.  

It is well worth considering how simple touch, just one seed plantedimparts the magic of personal investment in a creatively symbiotic ecosystem designed to deliver the gift of health, and make the difference of a lifetime. Choice becomes cosmic signature and then legacy, inevitably linking us to the future of our most beloveds. The intent of every thought, word and action is not lost in the chain; there is prime importance in shifting focus to that which is desired. It is a vision manifesting, as we live into the dream of a world in which food heals.  

With utmost gratitude and respect for those ancestors who worked intimately with the land and all of its generositywe welcome this new horizon of solutions. A medium of diligence, transparency and purity, presents a perfect context for understanding the importance of bathing any kind of precious seedlings in a labor of love.  


Thank you for planting the seeds of compassion and along with us, tending to the beautiful, colorful garden of our community.  

                                      ~Jacqueline & Kendra, Co-Publishers 


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