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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

Letter From Publisher April 2018

Kendra & Jacqueline, Co-Publishers

Our world keeps a steady pace, slowly spinning in wise devotion to the laws of nature. Transmuting chaos into order and on to renewalthese rhythms both fortify and clear away. The return of light this time of year is a welcome reminder of the seasonal continuity of care we receive. Even in our deepest personal stillness, we dance with that center point of balance.   

Taking time to reflect on that organic pulse that exists, the blocks that persist and determined flow of energy that wraps in and around the beat of each day is no longer a luxury. Moving consciously toward a more generous and harmonious existence, we dispel the disparities that confound our sense of social and environmental justice. The privilege of noticing where and how to intervene, cope, thrive, survive and make a difference upholds sustainability amidst the extremes and disruptions that ripple in and out of our most sacred spaces.  

This month’s issue reflects a surge of voices offering practical and realistic responses to the wild delicacy of it all. Past tipping points, we have reached one more crossroads of radical reform, distilling empowerment down to a finer focus on humanity and our relationship to the elements that nourish the life force. Touching the earth with our bare feet, immersion in healing baths, retreats in nature and refining the Zen of sleep all contribute to reclaiming a purity of self-preservation.   

Accessing the wisdom of simpler, more gentle ways of being leads to holistic practices that maintain an equity of energy and resources, linking personal wellness to the health of our homes and this planet. An abundant circulation of ideas and commodities is right at our fingertips; local influence abounds in the areas of cleaner, greener and kinder choices.   



As we feel our feet on the earth, our hands in the soil, and the sun on our faces, may we tune into and honor connections with humanity and our beautiful planet.   


~Jacqueline & Kendra 

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