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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

Letter From the Publisher - March 2018

Feb 24, 2018 07:30PM

The art of savoring is an endeavor of time, taste and deep gratitude for the diverse flavors that connect our world. Attention to the culinary and cultural details in the dishes we relish and the traditions we share, is a prime experience of nourishment that honors both the wisdom of our land and our neighbors.

Food sets the table for ritual, celebration and vitality, providing opportunity to know and be known in the synergy of all that is shared when we sit down together. Trusting and counting on the spice of life to highlight our preferred and most essential ingredients, proves the value in exploring meal sources that define regions and nutritional style.

This month we present a mix of both local and national perspectives, expanding palates and satisfying appetites with global traditions that continue to prioritize the simple delicacies of good health and excellent cuisine. Opening to the unique zest and creative nuance of other dietary customs is a feast for all senses, and opportunity to hear beautiful and bold, organic statements about cultivating an etiquette of wholesome dining.

Timeless approaches that pull from the inherent health benefits of herbs and spices is testament to the mantra of ‘food as medicine,’ and a direct intention to work with the divine design of our natural world. Thoughtful cooking dignifies the essence of plants and other edibles with these simple, delicious additions. Our bodies are seeking the purity that provides daily balance, healthy satisfaction and joy.

The following contributors help to illustrate the importance of looking beneath the surface and seeing beyond usual presentations of those life-affirming elements we hold dear. The brilliance of sunshine carrying needed vitamin D on p. 26, indoor greens refreshing our spaces on p. 16, and even the thoughts behind our dreams on p. 40, all combine to create a life of wellness from the inside out. Conscious consideration of what we take in is certainly included in this integral lineup.    

Harvesting the abundance of the Earth and her seasons is a vital practice shared by all of humanity, grounding us in our vulnerabilities as well as our gratitude. Bridges are built in the spirit of collectively recognizing the life force of our natural resources, and lingering delightfully in mutual appreciation for the sustenance of both body and soul.



The intrigue of new experience brings color to our plates. We invite you to the banquet… enjoy!

~Jacqueline & Kendra, Co-Publishers

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