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New World Jewellers by Justin Bortz Creates Engagement Ring Series

Jan 25, 2018 11:11AM

New World Jewellers by Justin Bortz has announced the creation of the Wear Your Love Like Heaven Pink Spinel Engagement Ring, the first in a series of three designs titled Two Hearts Beat as One, which will be available through Valentine’s Day. The hand-crafted engagement ring features a gorgeous pink spinel. The gem’s 8 ¾ measurement on Mohs scale of hardness from one to ten, makes it ideal for the daily wear of an engagement ring. In addition, the gem vibrates at a frequency that aligns with all seven chakras, which centers the wearer’s energy field, and most specifically focuses on the fourth chakra, which opens the heart.

“This is a breakthrough concept in engagement rings and aids in our mission to end divorce,” enthuses Justin Bortz, owner and designer. “In addition to this being the first of a three-ring series, it is an absolutely beautiful design.”

Location: 438 Penn Ave., West Reading. For more information, call 610-373-1101, email [email protected] or visit

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