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 Natural Awakenings Lancaster-Berks

Letter From the Publisher May 2017

Apr 29, 2017 02:26PM

Kendra Campbell & Jacqueline Mast, Co-Publishers

May signals the full bloom of new life, our annual month for honoring all women and the incredible strength and generosity of the feminine spirit. The creative force does not discriminate. Circulating and ever ready to ignite with the rise of passions, gifts and inspiration, it compels the soul to render us poised for brilliance.  


True empowerment is born of listening deeply and acting courageously from that vulnerable place where sacrifices are made to gain the abundance of living from the inside out. Intent and emotion bring dreams to life, gathering energy into the realm where being and doing merge to reveal synchronicities, insight and the joyful expectancy of our most cherished fruitions 


We had the honor of being in the presence of Malala Yousafzai last month. With a gentle, unwavering spirit, she shared her story at a community breakfast in support of immigrants. At the age of 15, Malala was brutally attacked for speaking out and pursuing her dreams of an education. She survived, rose above the trauma, and has become a profoundly revolutionary beacon of resistance to cultural expectations, inequality and oppression. A living example of courage, conviction and perseverance, Malala changed the global perspective on women’s rights and education and became the youngest Nobel Prize laureateNow 19 years old, Malala is needed more than ever, to share with the world the message of liberation for women everywhere. 


Legacy takes on a variety of faces, playing out in archives of innovative responses to the paradox of existence and the ongoing journey of belonging. In a world of constant change and diverse needs, the magic is as simple and powerful as celebrating our deepest desires and believing in the endless human potential, our birthright as children of the universe. Our personal works help us tangibly enter the process, painting the world, telling our stories and building the future, all cultivating the greatest art of allgifts that serve the world. An investment in values and beliefs quickly becomes a dynamic and interactive enterprise when personal talents and life purpose merge. 


A priority tribute goes out to the women business owners in our midst and the process of cultivating a craft or practice that becomes sustainable. We recognize the care and wisdom they have put into countless acts of birthing dreams into reality for the local wellness community, and the compassionate strategy that has guided their personal touch and molded these initiativesTheir sentiments on page 27 share a glimpse into the experience of following a calling and building a life’s work from the heart.  


remain grateful to have heard, many years ago, a phrase that has gained a prime place on my list of mantras: Don’t quit before the miracle. The promise of treasures that unfold—in a manner that supports the evolution of our faith and free will, but not necessarily in predictable or perfect waysaffirms the power of the universe and the seeds of justice, healing and beauty that reside in our souls. 



Join us in honoring all the ingenuity that contributes to the beauty and the healing that surrounds us. Heart-based leadership and collaboration is what we affirm in lifting each other up and envisioning a new world, because we truly are stronger together.  

~Jacqueline & Kendra, Co-Publishers 

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